My YouTube Journey

The moment I realised YouTube had the ability to be a part of everything I do, It instantly became a game changer. I became so passionate about creating YouTube videos long before I had anyone out there watching what I created.

I now have the ability to offer clients I work with the chance to speak through me to my audience, who all have a very keen interest in the Yachting related industry, Travel and Crew scene. 

With 4 Million + Views, it's more than just me you are hiring.

Why my channel?

I truly believe my channel has had the success in numbers because of the "raw" authentic content I created. 


My Crew Series showcased behind the scenes footage of life on board a Yacht that no one had ever captured before to the extent that I did. 


Whilst it was not the most cinematic content I have ever made, it was fun to watch and educational for both new crew and many yacht owners around the world.

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