A "How To" yachting guide outlining the ways to get into the industry. Taking you from the very first moment you wonder if you should join, up to your your interview process. 

Contents Include:
1.  Do you know what you are getting into? (Discussion)
2. Yacht courses. Which do you NEED and which are “Nice To Have”
3. Your CV
4. Signing up to crew agencies. How? My favorite 5.
5. Joining Facebook Community Pages
6. BASIC outline on how the VISAS work
7. Arriving at a “Yachting” hub
8. Dockwalking process (Created From Personal Experience)
9. Daywork (What's expected from you | How to exceed expectations)
10. Interview tips and tricks
11. Your Questions and My Answers
12. Buying me a beer

The price is so affordable only because I would like to make it as accessable as possible and intend to cover lots of the above through my YouTube channel anyway. This is just an awesome compilation of everything you need to know in one place!

Now S M A S H that purchase button and let me know if it helped you.

A "Start To Finish" Yachting Guide by Jared Watney