2020 Mediterranean Yacht Summer | Will it happen?

This post is being written on the promise I would update people when I started to notice changes and movements within the yachting world on the Med summer.

Firstly I am not really a fan of making these videos and posts as they can influence people to make decisions that I don’t want to be held accountable for so with that in mind, please make your own decisions, I am locked down in the jungle with no first-hand experience on exactly what is going on.

Here are my thoughts on how I personally had planned to monitor this situation on whether this year was going to have any possibilities of a yachting summer.


What are the boats doing? A yacht is likely not going to make a move from USA to the Med at the expense of 100 000+ liters of fuel for no potential charters or if they are not allowed to cruise because ports are closed. With that in mind then… what are some of the world's biggest charter yachts doing and where are they?

Hop on to google open two separate tabs, one type in Marine traffic, the next one search "world's most expensive charter yachts" and click the top link. Search the names of some of these very well known boats and see where they are? Are most of them in Europe or most of them elsewhere?

Now one thing to remember, many boats have to leave Florida for insurance purposes to make sure they don’t stay in Florida / Caribbean during hurricane season. So where are they going? North perhaps to somewhere like New York or even Alaska or are they headed to the Med. Seeing boats leave the USA to the Med is a good sign. Yacht Arience leaves early June. Yacht Bella with Captain Luke, has decided not to go.


Follow them on Instagram. There are so many yachts with Instagram pages. if not the boats then follow the crew. The crew are likely to post stories when leaving or during passages. Any yacht crew watching this feel free to post your Instagram handles below.


Facebook pages dedicated to yacht crew. Now this is where I have picked up the most useful information. To name some of the pages. Palma Yacht Crew, Antibes Yacht Crew, Fort Lauderdale yacht crew. Many people post and answer questions there daily. The only thing I can say to save you being beaten by the world of keyboard worriers and a few mean people is to search within the group before asking just in case your question has been asked before.

On Palma yacht crew a post was put up yesterday highlighting the changes from various places. This was made available by Rachel at JMS yachting. The post is available on Palma Yacht Crew.

Palma Yacht Crew: https://web.facebook.com/groups/palmayachtcrewAntibes Yacht Crew: https://web.facebook.com/groups/antibesyachtcrew


Follow crew agencies on Facebook as they post updates and job availability often. The more jobs that get posted the more you know boats are looking. If boats are looking that usually means action.

Ok those were a few ways to identify and follow to know what’s happening within the industry.

Watch them all actively as they are changing all the time.

What does the Med summer look like for new crew?

Here is the short answer… who knows? We’ve never been through this so that question can’t be answered accurately.

Here is what I can tell you. For many, Yachting is a business. You need to see it from their perspective.

This pandemic has resulted in a huge amount of crew being sent home on leave, unpaid leave, being let go of and many boats went to skeleton crew.

This means there will be a void to fill of crew BUT with a few precious months already being taken away boats are going to want to hit the ground running. The experienced crew have always been in demand but this year especially I believe it will be even more in demand. There is little time to train people and crew will need to dive in headfirst.

Meaning. Those with more physical experience will find work faster and there might be less room for crew with zero experienced or as the yacht world calls them… "green crew".

That is the not so good news for the new crew but the other news is slightly better. The same demand for needing to hit the ground running and prepare yachts as fast as possible for summer will result in a lot of temporary work / potential day work. This is how you build experience. Whilst you may not grab a permanent role immediately you may be able to build experience this summer with better luck the next year.

I almost hope this video doesn’t immediately tell you what you should do as you need to make your own decisions. There is no recipe, its a matter of finding your own way.

Go have a look at all the platforms I have mentioned before and let's hope there will be some kind of Med summer still.

One thing is for sure is that it is going to be a very different kind of summer. Yacht guests may find themselves in places that are usually full with yachts and have the bay to themselves.

It’s still a little early to tell. I think you’ll know from the 1st of July onwards.

Till then

See you on the next one.

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