After recent substantial growth on YouTube surrounding the maritime industry and my experiences onboard. I am now a full-time lifestyle filmmaker and photographer. Creating content for Yachts, Yachting Companies, Training Facilities, Luxury Villas and Brands. 

With over 8 000 000 views and 90 000 subscribers, 

you are hiring much more than just me. I'll be bringing everyone along for the ride! Build up your social platforms by allowing me to showcase visuals most people have never seen before. 

Yacht Profiling

Not all your clients are going to be captured by the same piece of film.

Let me create an array of promotional content that can be pre selected and tailored to your clients. That way you have the greatest chance of capturing their attention.

After nearly 3 years in the Real Estate industry, I have witnessed first hand what captures the attention of a potential client. Allow me to now capture it on film and help you get that booking or sale.

Luxury villa's

A product launch is vital for a new companies initial success. Name the product you looking to launch and give me 24 hours to come up with an idea that will send your new or existing brand to new heights. 


Precious moments with friends and family deserve to be captured in a way that will allow you to remember those moments forever. I will leave you with a variety of edited photos and a completed video of your entire trip.



The more remote, the better! Lets capture some film of places few have traveled to. After 25+ countries traveled, I still have so much more to see. 

Please note, I would be willing to volunteer for certain exploration trips, provided expenses are covered.

Away with the ordinary & Welcome the visionary


See first hand some of the work I have created since January 2019

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A look inside my YouTube Channel

Gain Exposure

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In an ideal world, building an audience of your own so that you don't always need to hire me to gain exposure should be important. My audience have expressed that they have no problem with having other related social pages being brought to their attention through my pages. Creating contnet that makes people want to follow your social media channel is where I come in.

"Viral Videos" can never be guarenteed but creating content that has more chance of going "viral" can certainly be created.



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A feed-based platform. Meaning, creating content that is immediately engaging is extremely important before viewers scroll further. Content that encourages viewers to share it to others ASAP to keep the view count rising as it is often tough to search for a particular post.


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The worlds second largest search engine, owned by Google. I mention that because many viewers search for content. Should video titles be well throughout and the content is helpful or insightful, view count will continue to grow almost forever.


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Similar to Instagram. A feed-based scrolling platform that also encourages content to be shared ASAP. Often a great place to post content already made for Instagram and Youtube content. 

Not to be forgotten about.

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