YouTube has often been subject related. Searchable content with a purpose for the viewer to watch and leave with some insight. This however is more about what I am up to. Being an open book with whats happening and when. Talking about where I am and sharing more personal experiences. Showing you what I have been doing to take this channel more full time. Its hard for me to see how many people have subscribed for just the informative bits and how many are around to watch what I am up to.


That being said, I feel getting it all on paper is important and informative in its own way.

This Blog will be written how to guides for new crew. It will be talking YouTube and the challenges I am encountering. This will be talking about what I have been spending money on for gear, upcoming trips, boat insight and personal blogging.

A solid way for you to get to know me better and a place I plan on making real fun.


Pop your mail address in the box below and read the ones that interest you. In the beginning, there wont be to many but I plan to stay consistent.


Comments welcome.

Much Love

Jared Watney